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Downtown Hillsdale Mural

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Our 2022 project was a 10' x 40' "Welcome to Historic Hillsdale" mural, installed January 2023. It was painted by TreeTown Murals of Grass Lake, Michigan and is a billboard style mural on the upper part of the Moore Ins. Building that is exposed to the street above the Hillsdale Jewelers building in Historic Downtown Hillsdale, MI.

With the permission from photographer John Klein, who took this "one of a kind" photo, we are proud to show you this "one of a kind" acrylic painting by John Castellese of the photo with the Welcome to Historic Hillsdale mural added to it! The 18" x 24 " painting is on display in Studio42.

Copyright protected Please contact John Klein Photography via FB page or website


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